Depending on which city you’re visiting, you may have a wide variety of choices when it comes to souvenir shops and local keepsakes. While some souvenir shops exist only to make money from tourists, there are some mementos worth purchasing in Italy.

We advise travelers to purchase souvenirs that will have emotional value or that they will use regularly. Many souvenir shops are filled with items that will languish on your shelf for years; even worse, many of these items are not authentic Italian wares but are designed only to entice tourists. Search for genuine Italian products and items that will remind you of the best parts of your vacation.

Italian Silk:

Of course, Italy is renowned for its impeccable fashion and high-quality clothing. However, these beautiful garments will often cost as much as a night in a hotel or an extravagant dinner.

Items made of Italian silk (ties, scarves, etc.) can be found in shops ranging from high fashion boutiques to street stalls. Add a splash of color to your fashion with a beautiful Italian silk item. This long-standing tradition has influenced style trends around the world.

Olive Oil and Pasta:

Your local grocery store may have shelves of artisanal “Italian olive oil,” but nothing could be better than bringing back a bottle straight from the source. The olive oils sold by Italian vendors are made from local olives and infused with the finest Italian herbs.

For another unbeatable Italian taste, bring back some fresh pasta and impress your friends with a home-cooked meal. Make sure that the pasta is well sealed to maintain freshness.

Leather Bookmarks:

Are you short on luggage space but still want to bring something home with that unmistakable Italian quality? The artisans of Florence create a variety of high-quality leather goods including exquisite shoes and bags. However, our choice is a high-quality leather bookmark. They’re known to last for decades and they’ll add a dash of style to your evening reading.

Looking to spend a little more on a nice souvenir? Consider picking up a pair (or several) of Italian leather gloves. They come in all varieties of colors and will refine any winter outfit.

Venetian Glass:

While the majority of Venetian visitors come looking for ornately decorated masks, these souvenirs were actually created to attract tourist dollars. Instead, we recommend Venetian glass direct from the workshops on the island of Murano. Once you settle on a beautiful ware like a colorful lamp or vase, you’ll have no qualms about shipping it home and making it the focal point of your living room décor.

A Memorable Bottle of Wine:

Like olive oil, you can find a decent bottle of Italian wine at just about every grocery store in the world. For this reason, we suggest that visitors only bring home wine that will have emotional significance.

Did you spend an enchanting evening at one of Rome’s wonderful restaurants, talking for hours while the wine flowed? What better way to remember that night than by bringing home the same type of wine to enjoy at your leisure. Savored slowly, that bottle of wine will support your memories for months or even years.

Be aware of the limits for bringing home liquids in luggage. It may be more cost-efficient to ship wine home, and the last thing that you want is to have to give up your prized bottle at airport security.

Amalfi beachwear:

We have no doubt that you’ll be in awe of the style of Italy’s Amalfi residents. Laying on the beach has never looked so good.

Take home your own version of the Amalfi style by popping into some seaside shops and boutiques. Among the many items available will be beautiful leather sandals, colorful blouses and skirts, and a wide variety of elegant swimsuits. Turn your next beach vacation into a runway fashion show!

Also of note on the Amalfi Coast is vast selection of lemon-scented and lemon-flavored items. Bring home a container of lemon hand lotion or a scented candle to have your bathroom smell like the Mediterranean.

Cooking Accessories:

With a reputation as one of the food capitals of the world, it’s no surprise that Italians rely on a distinct set of tools to create their fabulous pasta and maintain their fresh ingredients. If you’re looking for a souvenir that will remind you of the tastes of Italy but last a bit longer than a bottle of olive oil, consider a hand-made Italian cooking utensil.

If you’re feeling ambitious, consider bringing home a pasta cutter and roller to take a shot at making your own noodles. If you have ample luggage space, you may even want to bring home an Italian pot dedicated to cooking pasta.

Other items that are worth looking into include wooden spoons and spatulas, a home-made garlic press, or an authentic Italian chef’s knife. Like with wine, be sure that you have checked luggage; otherwise, your chef’s knife will stay at the airport!