Accademia Gallery Guided Tour

8 people

4 hours



Special-access Accademia gallery tickets

Florence is a romantic, enchanting, and utterly irresistible city that anyone would fall in love with. In this tour, you will discover that inside the Tuscan hills covered with vineyards and orchards there is so much hidden art. Despite being smaller than the Uffizi Gallery, Florence’s Accademia Gallery is noteworthy for the significance of its collections. In addition to Michelangelo’s David, the Accademia Gallery is home to other sculptures by Michelangelo, several Florentine Renaissance paintings, and a fascinating collection of Russian icons. With VIP tickets, you will be able to skip the long lines that often form outside the Accademia Gallery and go directly to the amazing works of art inside. When on holiday, everyone wants to save as much time as possible. Joining a guided tour is a great way of making sure you see everything in a time-efficient manner. On top of that, throughout the duration of the tour you will benefit from the expert knowledge of one of our English-speaking guides.

Galleria dell’Accademia and its masterpieces

The museum hosts significant works of Italian artists dating from the 13th through the 16th centuries. You will immerse yourself in Michelangelo’s artworks. As you admire masterpieces such as I Prigioni (the Prisoners), San Matteo, and Palestrina Pietà you will discover the Genius of the Renaissance. In 1909 arriving from other Florentine galleries, Michelangelo’s unfinished Prisoners became part of the Accademia gallery. These sculptures were conceived to adorn the tomb of Pope Julius II, but remained in the rough stage. Whether it was intentional or not, the unfinished work is fascinating and it shows the nude captives emerging from the marble that kept them imprisoned. San Matteo is a marble sculpture portraying Matthew the Apostle, a sculpture that was initially designed as part of a series of twelve apostles. Palestrina Pietà on the other hand shows Michelangelo’s love for sculpture. The fact that he returned to the theme of Pietà shows that the artist sculptured for his own pleasure. You can now discover this and many more, including a marvellous collection of historical musical instruments, in our Accademia Gallery Guided Tour.

Michelangelo’s David

This tour finishes with a viewing of David by Michelangelo. Without question, the most important work of art found in Florence is David, a marble statue chiselled over four years by Michelangelo. Standing 17 feet tall, this towering sculpture features the Biblical hero David; the famed warrior and King was a popular subject for Florentine artists. From its unveiling in 1504 until 1873, David stood in front of the Palazzo della Signoria; it was then saved from the ravages of the weather and moved to the Accademia Gallery. In the original palace now stands an exact replica. The workmanship of this masterpiece appears perfect and Michelangelo’s genius of the human body is revealed. The David is undoubtedly a symbol of power, strength, and more important independence! Here your guide will also provide you with a detailed introduction to Michelangelo’s life and his extraordinary masterpieces. You will hear everything about Michelangelo’s adventure to sculpt the David and other artists’ attempts at sculpting this Biblical hero who courageously defeated the giant Goliath. The advantage of having a guide in this journey is that you will find our interesting little-known facts about Michelangelo and his artworks. At the end of the tour, you can explore the Museum at your own convenience.

Tried and tested small-group tour (max 12 people)

You can join this tour in a group of maximum 12 people. Here at Explore Italy we spend time listening to the feedback received from our customers and we believe in fun experiences with a personal touch. The practice of adding dozens of people to a guided tour is not something we advocate, we try as much as possible to create comfortable experiences. The feedback that we receive from such small group tours is that they are great ways of socialising and meeting like-minded tourists. This budget-friendly option is also a great way of avoiding overcrowding the museum, hence helping with the overall museum experience. The expert guide assigned to the group will share with everyone super slick local knowledge and will provide you the best insider information there is. At the same time, they will try to accommodate each and every one of the group participants and answer the questions. All this in a time-efficient, seamless, and budget-conscious way!

Or a private tour for you and your loved ones only!

This tour also comes in the private tour option, where you decide who comes on this journey with you. Whether you are looking for more authentic experiences, or you are simply looking for more comfort and privacy, this tour can really enhance your experience. Your private guide will carefully craft an itinerary special for you and your needs. This implies that you will get enough time to admire the art pieces and you will get as much flexibility as possible. Having a private guide to lead you to explore the museum’s collections of masterworks is also often chosen by tourists who want to make the most out of their experience and that want to get as much information as possible. Your local expert guide will unleash fascinating stories about Michelangelo’s artwork, about the instruments of the Medici court, and many more! If you are planning to travel with an extended family, this option may even be more cost-effective. On top of that, getting a private tour can prove extremely time-efficient and seamless, there is no waiting in the queues involved, or waiting for the rest of the group. Overall, this option involves a more comfortable, efficient, and authentic way to spend your time in Florence!