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When you link your site to exploreitalytours.com, you can earn commission when any users from your site book any Explore Italy Tours online. We track all visitors referred by your site (for up to 6 months), and pay a 15% commission for every confirmed booking.

One option is a banner/link placed somewhere on your site which then directs traffic of those people looking to book tours and/or accommodation through to our site, with a 15% commission for the affiliate of all confirmed bookings.

Another option is for sites which feature tours, but have no booking platform/capability – it’s possible to link directly to the booking/check-out page on our site.

We also provide the option for bookings through a frame on your site, if you’d prefer. The option is there to provide either all of our global product, or more targeted towards specific destinations.

Our target market is basically any traveller (or even residents) looking for an authentic and affordable day trip or guided tour in one of many of the cities of Italy.


Easy and free set up. There are no set up fees – it’s free to join our affiliate programme. Also once you register via http://localhost/italytours/register-agent/, we will automatically send you the link and coding information to be added to your site. Once this is added, we can start the tracking, and you can start earning commission.

High quality product – Explore Italy Tours only works with the very best English speaking guides and local experts

Generous commission – we offer an impressive commission rate of 15% on all bookings.

We offer 12 month long cookies – any customers that you refer to us can earn you commission for any booking they make in the following 12 months, regardless of whether they come through your site again. This is tracked via their computer or laptop, so we know they originally came from your site.

Travel is the largest and fastest growing online retail category – why not earn commissions by selling travel on your site?

– Monthly payments – we pay on a monthly basis, for a minimum EUR€150 commission. If you have not reachedEUR€150 within the month we will roll over the commission until you have reached EUR€150.

Customisation – for certain affiliates, based upon the projected volume of bookings, we are able to provide customisation of the various affiliate options in order to best suit your site.

Easy, up-to-date reporting to track your bookings and commissions – all you need to do is log in to our affiliate control panel for real-time reports on your sales and commissions.

Targeted traffic – offer as much or as little of our product as you wish.


Explore Italy Tours follows the ethos of trying to promote sustainable travel. We also seek to work with partners who have:

– Shared Values: We are into win-win partnerships and wish to work with organisations sharing a concern to build a sustainable tourism industry. We believe this will protect and enhance our brand over time, as with our partner’s.

– Same Demographics: We are marketing to the independent traveller market, with an emphasis on those travellers interested in getting off the beaten track. These travellers include those interested in eco-tourism, agro tourism, heritage tourism, adventure tourism, geotourism, cultural tourism, volunteer tourism and responsible travel. In short they want to “connect” with the people, culture and land in the country they are travelling to.


Simply fill out this affiliate form and we will send you the required information to get you started.  We look forward to working with you.