Amalfi Coast Tour From Sorrento


8 people

9 hours



While many people are attracted to Italy for cities like Rome or Florence, nothing can match the stunning natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. This driving tour will take you along Italy’s most impressive coastline, stopping along the way at some of Amalfi’s picturesque villages. Your tour will include a sampling of the rich culinary tradition of Amalfi, with local insight from a knowledgeable tour guide.

The Amalfi Coast Experience

Italy is home to some of the most attractive coasts in Europe, and the most coveted of these is the Amalfi Coast. Stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, this breathtaking shoreline is decorated with colorful houses and picturesque villages. On this eight-hour driving tour you’ll travel along the 25-mile Strada Statale 163, the only operable land route on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast

With striking cliffs and coastline, beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, and thirteen charming municipalities along the shore, the Amalfi Coast offers a visual feast to its thousands of annual visitors. The magnificent attractiveness of the region was recognized with a UNESCO World Heritage designation, one of only four Italian sites awarded for their natural beauty.

Delicious Tastings

The communities of the Amalfi Coast are individually known for producing some of the finest products in all of Italy. Over the course of the day, your guide will take you to a few of these local gems; you’ll try the special anchovies know to Italians as alici, the flavorful ricotta cheese of Minori, and the incomparable limoncello created from the bright yellow lemons of the Amalfi region. These delicacies cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and you’ll have special time to enjoy them on your daylong Amalfi journey.

Authentic Coastal Villages

The thirteen municipalities found along the Amalfi Coast each offer something unique to visitors. You’ll stop at the 16th-century Tower of Cetara, the gorgeous fjord of Furore, and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano. Your guide will point out the unique aspects of each municipality, drawing your attention to points of pride and interesting anecdotes from the region’s history.

A Premiere Experience

This memorable day-long driving tour is carefully designed for your comfort, entertainment, and enjoyment. You’ll have opportunities to stop at several of the region’s most famous attractions while being guided by a local expert. Feel free to ask questions; our guides love interacting with travelers and sharing the beauty of their native country.

This tour begins at 9:00AM and lasts for eight hours.