Best of Florence City Tour

8 people

3 hours



The Florence City Tour walking experience

Florence is unlike any other city in the world, packing some of the most important works of Renaissance art and architecture into a city that covers only 40 square miles. We have carefully crafted this tour to show you the best of the city in a short period of time. Our expert guides are able to navigate the city while avoiding throngs of tourists, providing a memorable, intimate experience. With extensive knowledge in the history and architecture of Florence, our knowledgeable tour guides will surely answer your questions. In just a 1.5-hour walking tour of the magnificent Tuscan capital, you’ll see the very best of the Florentine landmarks including some of the world’s most famous Renaissance buildings. With small group sizes, expert guides who will make sure that everyone is engaged and having a good time, and a meticulously planned itinerary, you’ll see Florence from the Duomo to the Ponte Vecchio at an intimate level rarely experienced by visitors.

Santa Maria del Fiore, a prominent landmark of the Florentine skyline

In this walking tour, you will visit the best sights of Florence, beginning at the city’s Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo di Firenze). Built over almost 150 years beginning in 1296, this incredible structure is today the head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence. It is notable for its dome and bell tower, which stand tall above the Florentine cityscape and are lit up at night to be visible from miles. The cathedral is located in the Piazza del Duomo and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you explore the cobblestoned streets you will learn from your dedicated guide the incredible history of Florence. Walking around Piazza del Duomo will leave you speechless as you appreciate the cathedral from the outside. The architecture and design of the Cathedral are absolutely mesmerising. The Church is covered in complex carvings, and mosaic tiles in shades of white, pink, and green that are in complete harmony with each other. A fantastic example of architectural complexity, harmony and elegance!

Ponte Vecchio, an everlasting symbol of Florence

The defining geographical feature of Florence is the Arno River, which bisects the old part of the city and is the basis for many historical events. Over centuries, the Arno River has both supported and harmed the people of Florence, as it has brought economic activity to the city by boat and damage to the city by flood. The most prominent bridge over the Arno is the Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge), built during the Medieval times and still in use today. In fact it was the only bridge in Florence that did not get blown away during World War II. This bridge is noteworthy for being surrounded on either side by shops held up on stilts; once home to butchers, they are now occupied by jewellers and art dealers. This is a beautiful covered segmental arch bridge, with a huge historical baggage. As you walk on the bridge, you will have the Vasari corridor above your head. This overhead passageway of almost one kilometre length was intended to protect the way for the Medici family to cross the bridge to the Uffizi.

Explore Florence in a small group of maximum 12 people

One of the options of joining this tour is as a part of a group of maximum 12 people. The usual practice of some agencies to add dozens of people to a tour is not something we subscribe to. Explore Italy is a tour company that believes in more intimate tour experiences. We create tours that ensure that you get the attention you deserve on your Italian holiday. By being part of a small group in a walking tour of Florence, you will have a fun yet personal experience. You will be under the guidance of an expert and passionate guide who will try to accommodate each and every one of you as much as possible. This budget-friendly option is perfect for adventurous tourists who would not mind the presence of other like-minded and culture-hungry tourists. At the end of the day, if travellers are attracted to the same itinerary, chances are they have something in common. Most of our costumers give the feedback that small-group tours are great social networks!

Or choose the private option where you decide who joins you!

What’s better, sharing a guide or having one to yourself? Some travellers like the idea of a guided tour, but not the one of travelling in a group. This private option is perfect for honeymooners, extended families that want quality time together, couples and friends who want to make their own memories, or first time tourers who want to make the most of their experience. This type of tour gives you as much flexibility of itinerary and starting times and independence as possible. You will benefit from the full attention of our expert guide who will make sure to answer all your curiosities! Also, choosing a guided tour means you do not miss any important part of the city and you do so in a time-efficient, seamless manner. Nowadays, more and more travellers are looking for authentic travel experiences and having a private guide in a city tour is one element that will enhance your experience and add great value to your investment. Exclusivity, authenticity and privacy!