Brunelleschi’s Dome Guided Tour

8 people

4 hours



The Florence Duomo

Duomo di Firenze is not only the icon of Florence, but it is also a marvellous example of both Gothic and Renaissance art and architecture. This large Gothic cathedral is a prime example of the best of the 13th and 15th-century architecture and took more than 150 years to complete. You can now visit this Florentine cathedral with the convenience of a 1h tour that includes bypassing all the crowds. With this special skip-the-line access you will maximise the time that you have to explore the beauty of Florence. After you’ve met your guide you will breeze right past the ticket line and you will be led straight to the Cupola of the cathedral. The raising of the cathedral’s egg-shaped dome, the greatest of its time, was no easy task. In admiration of the work of the cathedral’s most prominent architects, statues of Arnolfo di Cambio who started the design and Filippo Brunelleschi who engineered its massive Dome can be found right outside the cathedral.

Enjoy reserved access to the Duomo Cupola

Climbing to the Cupola, together with the views from the top will definitely be the highlights of this tour. In order to get to the top of the Duomo you will embark on an adventure that includes climbing 463 steps. The route will be as beautiful as the views from the top. This is because as you are climbing the steps you will be surrounded by the Duomo’s dazzling interiors. You will get a chance to admire Giorgio Vasari’s frescoes of the Last Judgment up close. The frescoes are fascinating to look act, this is a great Renaissance masterpiece that portrays over 700 figures. Once you’ve reached the top you will benefit from fantastic views over the Duomo and over the city. From your incredible vantage point at the Cupola you will get very close views of Brunelleschi’s architectural masterpiece as well as sweeping views of the entire Tuscan capital. This is a great place for pictures and for making memories.

Benefit from the knowledge on an expert guide

The best part of getting a guided tour is that you will have an expert to guide your steps. You will be in the company of an expert guide who will provide you with insights about the Cathedral, its famous Duomo, and its astonishing architecture. As you climb the 463 steps to get to the top of the dome, your English-speaking guide will share stories about this architectural wonder. You will be given first-hand information and from inside the Cupola you will be able to gaze at the details carefully explained by your guide. You will learn from your licensed guide little-known information about the cathedral’s architects and painters, about their other commissions, their friendship to other master artists of the time, and about the Gothic and Renaissance styles. At the end of the tour, your guide will invite you to benefit from the free access to the Duomo and explore it at your own pace.

A fun group and a budget-friendly option (12 people tour option)

This tour comes in two options one of which is as part of a group of maximum 12 people. We always build our tour itineraries and decide the sizes of our tours after listening carefully to the feedback from our costumers. We have chosen this small group size to make sure that we provide a personal and engrossing experience. Being in a small group tour does not mean that you lose any benefits of having a guide. In fact it implies a more fun experience as such groups are usually great social networks! You will be surrounded by like-minded tourists and you will all have in common the passion for discovering the art and architecture of the Florence Cathedral. Overall you will benefit from an entertaining and budget-friendly experience that also has a more intimate and personal touch than many of the group tours that usually include dozens of people.

Exclusivity, privacy and the knowledge of an expert guide all to yourself (Private tour option)

The second option of joining this tour is the private tour option. In this premium tour you decide who you bring with you in this adventure. You will not only avoid all the queues, but will have an expert guide all to yourself! This is also the most time-efficient way of visiting the Dome, you will not have anyone to slow you down, and you will take as much time as you want to explore the details of the Dome or the views from the top. This is the preferred choice of newlyweds, friends who want authentic experiences, families that want to spend family time together, or first time-tourers who want to absorb as much information as possible. You will benefit from the undivided attention of an expert guide who will answer all your questions and keep you engaged and entertained.