Colosseum Arena Tour In Rome

25 people

1.5 hours




Via della Polveriera, 8, Roma.  See Map

Tour Starting Times:


The Colosseum Arena Tour Experience:

Your expert English speaking guide will take you back in time, recreating the historic events that took place within the walls of the Colosseum and on the infamous arena floor. On your tour you will beat the crowd skipping the long ticket lines to venture deep inside the walls of the Colosseum discovering its many secrets and gory past. Walk in the footsteps of the Roman gladiators through the “Libitinaria” Gate of Death (A special entrance not open to the general public) and see through their eyes as they battle in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Join us on the Ultimate Colosseum Arena Tour and stand in the sandals of Ancient Romes greatest fighters.

The Colosseum & The Arena:

You will begin the tour at the meeting place at Via del Colosseo, 24, nearby the Colosseum. Here, you can take some beautiful wide angle and panoramic photos of the Colosseum and surrounding areas before the tour begins.  Being one of the most visited monuments in the world, there is a regularly long ticket line at the Colosseum. By joining our Colosseum’s Arena tour you will be provided with ‘skip the line’ entrance tickets, so you group can head straight inside and not waste time standing around in ticket lines.

As you walk inside the Colosseum, you will begin to feel the magnitude of where you are. This tour gives you access also to the Colosseum arena with a beautiful view over the underground level. Exploring the ground floor level and up to the second tier, your guide will recreate the past, with stories of epic battles, painting pictures in your mind, bringing to life the walls that surround you.

You will learn about the types of games and ferocious battles that the Romans enjoyed.  Along with providing you with expert knowledge, your guide will also point out the best places to capture that perfect picture during your tour, as you tour the circumference of the Colosseum. Total tour time is approximately 1.5 hours.