Colosseum Arena Tour with Ancient Rome

24 people

3 hours



Special access to a restricted area: the Colosseum Arena Experience Join us on this Skip the Line Guided Colosseum Tour and discover the secrets held within the walls of this incredible monument. Benefit from jumping the queue and from first-hand Ancient History knowledge from your enthusiastic guide. Your group of maximum 24 people will benefit from an expert guide who will take you back in time, recreating the historic events that took place inside the monument, on its infamous arena. Speaking of the arena floor, it is one of the restricted areas of the monument, unavailable to standard ticket holders. However, this tour provides you with the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Roman gladiators, as you enter the Colosseum through “Porta Libitinaria”, the Gate of Death (a special entrance not open to the general public). After you enter through this special back-door and, you will find yourself standing in the epicentre of the monument, where violent confrontations between gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals took place. You will stand on a wooden reconstruction of the original Arena and enjoy 360-degree views over the Colosseum. Since this is an area open to a few lucky tourists at a time, there will be plenty of space for you to move around and catch the best pictures!

Take a walk through the ruins of the ancient city: the Roman Forum Your English speaking guide will not only describe the historical fame of the Colosseum but they will also recreate the former glory of the Roman Forum, a place with enormous significance and historical baggage. Your group will of course not waste any time waiting in the queue, and will jump straight onto discovering this archaeological site that was once the civic center of Rome. The Roman Forum hosted grandiose temples, bustling marketplaces and imposing civic buildings. Some ruins may be difficult to decipher, but this is precisely why you will be under the careful guidance of one of our team members, who will also answer any questions you might have.

The hillside birthplace of Rome: the Palatine Hill You will be guided on foot to the entrance of the Palatine Hill. The final part of this tour involves a pleasant stroll up one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The history of the Palatine is full of thrilling legends and myths. It is considered as the site where Romulus founded the city many millennia ago. Besides being the birthplace of Rome, the Palatine Hill hosts the best panoramic views over Rome’s labyrinthine ruins of the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus. An absolutely magnificent place for avid photographers. Being part of a group of 24 curious travellers means that the tour will be as fun as it gets. We all have something in common, and that is our love for this city, and we strongly encourage you to get to know your group, as long as you also pay attention to the exciting stories and legends that your guide will provide you with. All in all, exploring the Palatine Hill together with a fun bunch of people is a great way of ending our Colosseum Arena Tour with Ancient Rome!