Vip Colosseum Arena at Dusk Private Tour


1.5 hours



Your own private tour experience! The Colosseum is easily the most well-known of all Rome’s ancient architectural marvels. Its massive, towering walls still stand largely intact after 19 centuries, and its symmetrically arranged archways are a constant reminder of the orderly nature of Roman society. As one of the world’s top attractions, the Colosseum attracts large ticket lines and long waiting times. Make the most of your time in Italy by pre-booking this private guided tour with fast track entry. Your guide will organise skip-the-line tickets, so you do not waste any time waiting in the queues, and you jump straight into discovering the majesty of the Colosseum. By booking a private tour you will benefit from a great deal of privacy and customization since you will have an English-speaking guide all to yourself. Overall, it will be a greatly enhanced experience. On top of that, by pre-booking this tour you will get guaranteed access to the Colosseum. The monument can only accommodate around 3,000 people on a daily basis, and if tickets get sold out at the entry, you can only get into the Colosseum if you pre-booked a tour. We organise private tours with a minimum of two people, so whether you want to bring your other half on an adventure, or you want privacy for your extended family, this tour is perfect for you!

Special-access to the Colosseum Arena Floor via the “Gate of Death” Within the Colosseum’s elliptical walls, over 50,000 Roman spectators would sit comfortably, watching events such as gladiators battling to death, re-enactments of famous Roman victories, mock sea battles, dramatic interpretations of ancient myths, execution of criminals, and the spectacle of persecuted Christians being fed to lions and other wild beasts. This tour will take you exactly to the place where these ancient spectacles happened. You will enter the Colosseum through its secret back door, called the “Gate of Death” because it was used to take out of the arena the ones who failed in battle. From there you will go straight onto a wooden reconstruction of the original arena floor. From the centre of the Colosseum you will have fantastic views over the tiered seating of the monument. Since this is a restricted area, it will be open to very few people at one time, which means that your tour will get even more private, and you will avoid all possible overcrowding. There will be plenty of space to move around and take some Insta-worthy pictures! While you discover the arena floor, your guide will tell you the most fascinating stories about this form of ancient entertainment. Your guide will be fully dedicated to you and to those whom you want to bring along on your private tour, so go ahead and ask all the questions that you have!

Discover the social life, politics, and religion of the ancient city at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Our tour will show you the best of the Eternal City and so we will continue our adventure to the Roman Forum, a place that was once the political heart of ancient Rome. In order to fully understand the daily life of the Roman citizen, and the politics of its empire, a tour of the Roman Forum is a must. You will visit the ruins of buildings such as the Temple of Caesar, the Senate, the House of the Vestal Virgins, the Basilicas of Julia and Maxentius, the temples of Saturn, Castor and Pollux and many other important buildings of the time. Your guide will explain the use of these monuments, and how they helped in making the Empire powerful. Last but not least, we will end this tour with a pleasant stroll up the Palatine Hill. This is a great occasion for you to explore the luxurious villas of Roman emperors and aristocrats which are wonderfully preserved even today. But what was it so fascinating about the Palatine Hill? Simple. It was the fantastic views of the Forum and Circus Maximus and indeed of the entire city. Centuries later, you and your loved ones can enjoy the views from the top of the Palatine Hill at the end of a comfortable and history-rich Private Colosseum Arena Tour with Ancient Rome.