Vip Colosseum Arena at Dusk Small Group Tour

12 people

1.5 hours



Priority access through the secret back-door The relics and ruins of the once-mighty Roman Empire lie scattered across the vast territories it once occupied, but nowhere do we find such impressive remains as in the city of Rome itself. Here, in the heart of Italy, the most famous and important of all the many buildings that the Romans constructed can be found. These symbols of a past civilization are a familiar sight to the three million inhabitants of modern Rome, but they are also a startling, awe-inspiring sight to over four million tourists who come to behold them each passing year. The Colosseum is one of the most famous remaining structures of the Roman Empire. In this tour you will be using a VIP entrance, through the back door of the Colosseum, which will take you and your small group straight inside the walls of the monument without wasting any time in the long ticket lines. This tour is for no more than 12 people, which will make the tour highly intimate, but fun at the same time. Exclusivity, privacy, and entertainment, are the words that perfectly describe the experience provided by this tour!

Less than 12 people on the Arena Floor The history that happened here seems to come to life when you set your feet on the Arena Floor where the gladiators once stood. After coming out of the “Gate of Death”, you will step onto a wooden reconstruction of the original Arena Floor. Because this is a restricted area of the Colosseum, only a few lucky tourists will be allowed entry at one time, which means there will be plenty of space to take pictures and move around for you and your small group. Every tour that we provide comes with an expert guide, but because this is a small group tour, the experience will be much more intimate. Your guide will help everyone with their questions and curiosities. Our knowledgeable tour guides will inform you of the details of how the Romans managed to build the largest amphitheatre the world has ever known out of concrete and stone. They will also give you little- known information concerning the manner in which the events of the Colosseum were conducted and how they fit in with the whole of Roman life! From the Arena Floor you will then follow your guide to the ground floor level, where the Emperor was sat together with the most important Romans. Next, your guide will take you to the second tier of the monument to witness the difference in perspective.

The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill – about Rome’s beginnings The world of Ancient Rome cannot be understood fully without exposure to the history of the Roman Forum and so after the Colosseum, you will follow your guide in a journey to explore the magical Roman Forum. This place was initially a simple marketplace, but as the power of the empire grew, it became much more purposeful. Every single monument of Rome holds remarkable historical baggage, but the history of the Roman Forum is a history of power, society, and discipline. Your tour guide will be on hand to help you fully understand the significance of this archaeological site. From there you will follow your guide to the last destination of our tour, the Palatine Hill. This involves a pleasant walk, and once you reach the top of the hill you will have great views over the Forum and over Circus Maximus. The amazing view that this hill towers is one of the main reasons why the Palatine Hill was the preferred residential location for Rome’s elites. Learning about the rulers of Rome who inhabited the hill, while enjoying great views of the city, is a great way to end our Colosseum Arena with Ancient Rome Semi-Private Tour!