Colosseum Express Tour with Ancient Rome

24 people

3 hours



Beat the crowds with this history-rich tour Beat the crowds, the heat and the long ticket lines with our Colosseum Express Tour with Ancient Rome. You will begin the tour at the meeting place – Via della Polveriera 8, nearby the Colosseum. Here you can take some beautiful wide angle and panoramic photos of the Colosseum and surrounding areas before the tour begins. From there you will not have to waste time waiting in the ticket queue! Enter the Colosseum with a group of maximum 25 people and get ready for the most fun, engaging and interactive lesson of Ancient History. You will be under the careful guidance of an English speaking guide, who will take you back in time while helping you discover the formidable beauty of the Colosseum.

Colosseum’s Tiered Seating As you start your exploration of the Colosseum you will wander through the ruins of the ground floor level of the monument. This is the place where the so called “Imperial Box“ was placed. This was designed for the Emperor, the Senators and Vestal Virgins who enjoyed the best views over the arena. While the most important Romans enjoyed unrivalled views, they were not the only ones allowed entry. The rulers of ancient Rome aimed to keep the population appeased by satisfying the public enthusiasm for games and spectacles. As a result, every citizen, whether a plebeian or a patricians, was allowed to come watch the games. The seating arrangements bear testimony of this. Your guide will walk you to the second tier of the monument. This floor was reserved for the non-senatorial noble citizens. The higher the level, the less admired and wealthy was the spectator.

And we will not stop there! Continue with a tour of Ancient Rome After the Colosseum tour, you will be guided on foot to the entrance of the Palatine Hill, this walk only involves a short distance. Entering with the tour group, you will enjoy direct access again without having to wait in the ticket line. From here you will be guided around the most famous of Rome’s Seven Hills, which provides one of the very best points in all of Rome for panoramic photographs of the Colosseum, and the ruins of the Roman Forum. This is also a small green heaven situated in the middle of a city known for its brick-colour tones. Coming down from the Palatine Hill will see you enter the magical, Roman Forum. This was the “city square” of ancient Rome, and it is filled with numerous landmarks dating from every period of the Roman state. The expert tour guide will explain to you the significance of each inscription and monument, and you will get a feel for what it must have been like to walk through the marketplace in ancient Rome.