Colosseum Express with Ancient Rome Semi-Private Tour

12 people

3 hours



Special skip-the-line semi-private tour Come join a small group of 12 people or less and explore the Colosseum and the monuments of Ancient Rome. This is a tour perfectly suitable for those who want to fully benefit from the knowledge of an expert guide but that want to keep it fun at the same time. Get ready to experience the grandeur of ancient Rome’s most iconic symbols on this Express Colosseum Tour. This semi-private tour is the perfect way for avid travellers to follow the footsteps of Rome’s most famous ancient gladiators. We will take out the boredom of waiting in long ticket lines. In fact, skip-the-line tickets are provided to not one, but 3 of Rome’s main attractions: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. By booking this tour you will reserve an experience that will put you in close proximity to the Eternal City’s greatest monument, of course with the help of a dedicated guide. Definitely, a worth-it experience!

What happens after you are fast-tracked into the Colosseum? Once you enter the monument, you and your small group will enjoy one of the best express Colosseum experiences. You will visit the main areas such as the ground floor level and the 2nd tier of the monument. During the reign of the Roman Empire, over 50,000 people would pack the Colosseum to see the day’s entertainment. These shows were funded by private individuals and included elaborate recreations of mythological stories, battles between the Empire’s toughest gladiators, and even executions of condemned citizens. While every citizen was granted access, they were sat in very different areas. The ground floor level is where the emperor was sat and enjoyed the best views over the arena. You will explore this level while hearing the most thrilling stories from your expert guide. From there you will climb up to the second tier of the monument and witness the difference in perspective. Since this tour is dedicated to small groups only, the experience will be much more intimate, as your guide will be able to answer all your questions and allocate a lot of time to each one of the participants!

Guided walking tour of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill This small-group tour aims to show you Rome’s best attractions in an express way. From the Colosseum you will follow your guide to what was once the centre of Ancient Western civilization, the Roman Forum. Long before the New York Stock Exchange, the Roman Forum served as the global headquarters of economic trade. Although today the place lies in ruins, it once hosted bustling marketplaces dedicated to the sale of cattle, pork, fish, and wine: essentials for the ancient eras. Your guide will be on hand to help you understand the significance behind this archaeological site, which could be difficult to decipher at first sight. Last but not least, we will finalise this tour with a pleasant walk to the Palatine Hill. This used to be the place where Rome’s elite, including the Emperors and other noble families, used to build their palaces. This was due to the fantastic view over Circus Maximus and the rest of the city, that you will also benefit from! Taking some fantastic pictures is the perfect way to end our entertaining and information-rich express small-group tour.