Colosseum Express Tour

24 people

2 hours



Hassle-free experience Being one of the most visited monuments in the world, there are regularly long ticket lines at the Colosseum. By joining this tour, you will be provided with ‘skip the line’ entrance tickets. This implies that your group will head straight inside and not waste time standing around in ticket lines. This tour is a perfect fit for curious tourists that want to visit the most impressive amphitheatre ever constructed, but do not have too much time on hand. Every corner of Rome is filled with fabulous art and architecture, and while the Colosseum is an extraordinary structure some of us do not have as much time to visit Rome as we would want to. This is precisely why the team at Explore Italy has created this hassle-free express tour that will take 24 people inside the Colosseum. A fun, easy and budget-friendly option!

Explore the Colosseum with an expert in Roman history And what better way to enjoy a tour other than being under the guidance of a passionate guide? Your guide will recreate the past, with stories of epic battles, painting pictures in your mind, bringing to life the walls that surround you. This tour features fascinating storytelling that will make your experience one to remember. Your English-speaking guide will help you discover the types of games and ferocious battles that the Romans enjoyed the most. Along with providing you with expert knowledge, your guide will also point out the best places to capture that perfect picture as you tour the circumference of the Colosseum. This will prove to be a fun, yet insightful lesson of Ancient History.

Take a journey back in time As you walk inside the Colosseum, you will begin to feel the magnitude of where you are. Although this is an express tour you will get to see very important parts of the monument. Most importantly you will see where the emperor would be perched, high above the arena floor, ready to decide the fate of another gladiator as he stood before a roaring Roman crowd. You will visit the ground floor and second level giving you a great view inside the Colosseum. It will feel like taking a journey back in time! This will be even more fun while being part of a group of 24 culture-hungry tourists that are all looking for great experiences. While paying attention to your guide is very important in order to make the most out of the tour, getting to know the very interesting people that will join your tour is highly encouraged. At the end of the day we are all looking for the best Colosseum experience. It will be you, a fun bunch and a brainy guide in an express Colosseum adventure!