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Tours of Colosseum Rome

The Colosseum is the most iconic monument in Rome: it was the most important hub of entertainment in Ancient Rome, and today it has become the very symbolof the Eternal City. Colosseum tours are a precious source of information because they will give you a realistic picture of what like during the Roman Empire.

Based on two different levels, the arena was used for gladiators’ fights, battleships, and many other celebrations and games. The seating arrangements, facing the main stage, offer incredible and comprehensive views of the surroundings (one of the most beautiful sights in Rome), meanwhile the underground part will give you a taste of how complex the entertainment system was, even many centuries ago.

Due to its glory, its history, and very special charm, Colosseum tours are highly requested by tourists all around the world and are provided in many different ways. We can offer you various combinations of tours that may satisfy your thirst for knowledge and avoid the line before your visit.

Do you want to beat the crowd and get the Colosseum (almost) by yourself? We have many different Colosseum tours available for you which will make you explore every single inch of this ancient building. Each of them includes a guide (a proficient English speaker) who will be able to tell you all the details about this incredible monument. If you are looking for a more original tour, we may have something more interesting for you.

By choosing one of our Underground Colosseum Tours you will be brought back in time: you will be given the chance of living the Colosseum experience just how Romans did many years ago, being able to walk on the stage like a gladiator and exploring the incredibly mazy dungeons laying under the monument.

But your journey has not finished yet: you will take part in a¬†very exclusive and complete tour of Ancient Rome, getting a glimpse of all the other monuments which made the Italian capital the Eternal City. If you want an additional twist to your tour, we highly suggest one of our best sellers¬†‚ÄúColosseum Under the Moon with Prosecco‚ÄĚ.

What can be better than an amazing walk in one of the most beautiful places on Earth while sipping a glass of true Italian Prosecco? Why waste your precious time in the Eternal City in line, when you can book now one of the Colosseum tours you find below and start enjoying your adventure in Ancient Rome immediately?

Colosseum Guided Tour


Priority access through the secret back-door The relics and ruins of the once-mighty Roman Empire lie scattered across the vast territories it once occupied, but nowhere do we find such impressive remains as in the city of Rome itself. Here, in the heart of Italy, the most famous and important of all the many buildings that the Romans constructed can be found.



VIP access leading straight onto the Arena Floor After hearing so much about the glory of ancient Rome from history books, it is an amazing experience to come in contact with its best-preserved and most famous pieces of architecture first-hand.



Stand on the arena floor of the largest amphitheatre of its era under the stars The Colosseum remains the largest amphitheatre ever constructed. Although built over nineteen centuries ago, its structure remains largely intact and it lives on as one of the most significant tourist attractionsin the European Union.



Your own private tour experience! The Colosseum is easily the most well-known of all Rome’s ancient architectural marvels. Its massive, towering walls still stand largely intact after 19 centuries, and its symmetrically arranged archways are a constant reminder of the orderly nature of Roman society.



VIP Experience Рprivate tour to Colosseum’s restricted areas Get ready for an unforgettable Private VIP Colosseum experience with special access to the Arena Floor and Colosseum underground. This is our most exclusive tour! Not only that you will get access to the restricted areas of a centuries old monument, but in your journey you will only be joined by your guide!