Vip Colosseum Under the Moon with Underground and Arena Access

12 people

2 hours

Fri and Sat

19:00 and 20:00

Stand on the arena floor of the largest amphitheatre of its era under the stars The Colosseum remains the largest amphitheatre ever constructed. Although built over nineteen centuries ago, its structure remains largely intact and it lives on as one of the most significant tourist attractionsin the European Union. As you can imagine, it is a monument visited by millions of tourists. However, the heavy flow of tourists happens during the day. By joining this tour, you will get the opportunity to have the most exclusive Colosseum experience in a group of maximum 24 people. You will begin your tour at either 7:30 pm or 9:00 pm at our office in Rome, just a few steps from the Colosseum. Here you can take some beautiful panoramic photos of the Colosseum and surrounding areas before the tour begins. You will enter the monument through a secret back-door, named the “Gate of Death”. Named after the goddess of funerals, this door earned its name by being the exit way of those who perished in gladiatorial combat. You will then step onto a wooden reconstruction of the original arena floor and benefit from breath-taking, 360-degree views of the amphitheatre.

The beauty of general access areas after closing time Your tour will also include after-hours entrance to the general access areas. Without the crowds and heat of the daytime, you will get the best possible Colosseum experience. You will be joined by a dedicated guide who will recreate the amazing history and mysteries of the centre of the Ancient World. You will visit the ground floor level, where the emperor and the most important Romans were sat and the second tier of the Colosseum, a level that used to be reserved for the non-senatorial noble. Entrance to see the gladiatorial games was granted to everyone. Civilians and nobility alike were entertained, but they were sat in very different areas. The seating arrangements of the monument provide a prime example of the importance of social status in Ancient Rome. Find out more about this, and about many ancient epic battles from your guide while experiencing the nearly empty ruins of the Colosseum at night!

Adventure in the underground network of tunnels at night! While the public areas of the Colosseum consisted of several levels of extensive seating, few Roman citizens were aware of the complex level that existed underground. The dramatic entrances of gladiators, victims, and beasts were coordinated in the intricate areas beneath the Colosseum. Our exclusive Colosseum Under the Moon tour will take you underground to explore the secrets of the Colosseum at night! In this network of underground tunnels the gladiators awaited their frightful fate, before being brought to the Arena floor by wooden elevators. As you visit this restricted area at night, you will get to witness the real behind the scene history of the monument. We guarantee an evening to remember, filled with exclusivity, entertainment and stargazing directly from one of the world’s most famous monuments!