Vip Colosseum Underground with Arena Access Private Tour


3 hours



VIP Experience – private tour to Colosseum’s restricted areas Get ready for an unforgettable Private VIP Colosseum experience with special access to the Arena Floor and Colosseum underground. This is our most exclusive tour! Not only that you will get access to the restricted areas of a centuries old monument, but in your journey you will only be joined by your guide! We organise such private tours for a minimum of two people, so whoever it is that you want to bring in your Roman adventure make sure that they will make the most out of having a personal guide only to yourself. Needless to say that you will bypass the public entrance line, and you will beat the crowds inside the Colosseum. You will explore the Arena Floor, the general access areas and the Colosseum underground at your own pace! If there is any particular part of the Colosseum that you are desperate to spend more time on, make sure you let your guide know. All our guides would be more than happy to accommodate the tour to your needs as much as possible. Visiting the Roman Colosseum is on everyone’s bucket list, and this tour guarantees an unforgettable experience.

The subterranean backstage of the Colosseum Our exclusive VIP Access tour will take you underground to explore the secrets of the Colosseum. The underground network of tunnels made the spectacular days of the amphitheatre possible in all their gore and glory. In these underground chambers, animals such as bears, tigers, lions, and hyenas were stored, slaves worked and gladiators prepared and offered up their prayers before the fights. The elaborate stage equipment of the time shows a remarkable state of preservation. The Colosseum dungeons are filled with ancient elevators, trap doors, prison cells, and cages. Relive the thrilling atmosphere of those cruel times, and get a close-up look at the intricate elevators that lifted the mighty gladiators and wild beasts up onto the Arena floor causing massive surprise among the public. Your guide will tell you everything about the preparation rituals before the games. The only way to visit the Colosseum dungeons is as part of a guided tour. Availability for such tours is very limited, and most people book tours like this months in advance, especially the private tours. So pre-book your tours while they still last!

Explore the Roman Forum and the luxurious villas of emperors on the Palatine Hill Your next destination will be the Roman Forum, a skip-the-line destination, of course. Starting as a marketplace, the Roman Forum became a place where public affairs were regularly being held. As a result, the most important buildings in the social, political and religious life of Rome were found here. Since the Forum now stands in ruins, the significance of it may be difficult to decipher. This is precisely why we will equip you with an expert guide that will help you understand the meaning behind the remnants of the Roman Forum. From there your tour will continue to a beautiful part of the ancient city, the Palatine Hill. The story of the Palatine Hill is a story of myth and extravagance. The Palatine Hill is not only one of the original 7 hills of Rome but as the legend says it is the place where Romulus founded Rome on the 8th century BC. Your guide will let you know everything about the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, abandoned sons of Mars, found and nurtured by a she-wolf, who grew up to found Rome. While the Palatine Hill has a huge mythological significance, it was also the preferred residential location for Rome’s Emperors and aristocrats. Together with your guide, you will explore the Imperial residences, with their massive colonnades, such as the House of Augustus and the Flavian palace. Your guide will take you on a journey to retrace the daily lives of the most popular and opulent emperors, men that every ancient History book mentions, such as Nero and Domitian.