Vip Colosseum Underground with Arena Access

12 people

3 hours



VIP access leading straight onto the Arena Floor After hearing so much about the glory of ancient Rome from history books, it is an amazing experience to come in contact with its best-preserved and most famous pieces of architecture first-hand. Our Colosseum Underground with Ancient Rome Tour combines up-close experience with in-depth tutorial to give you a truly exciting and informative tour. We will start this tour by providing you with skip-the-line access and privileged entry through the Colosseum’s back door. This gate became known as the “Gate of Death” as it was used to take out of the Arena those who perished in battle. Today it is the quickest way to entry the Colosseum. Once inside the monument, you will follow your guide towards the Arena Floor. You will stand on a wooden reconstruction of the original arena and will enjoy spectacular 360-degree views over the Colosseum. This restricted area is open to very few lucky tourists at one time, which means that you and your small group of maximum 12 people will have plenty of space to move around and to take the perfect pictures. From there, you will proceed to the general access areas: the ground floor, where the Roman emperors were seated centuries ago and the second tier of the monument which will give you a more rounded view over this ancient structure.

Explore the behind-the-scenes Colosseum scenario in the monument’s chambers The Colosseum is heavily visited for its famous tiered seating arrangements and the arena floor. Because of that, its underground level remains rarely explored. In this tour, you and your small group will have the occasion to travel down into the monument’s dungeons where gladiators awaited their frightful future and wild animals from the world’s most exotic regions were kept. As you visit these underground chambers, you will see the remains of what were once elevators, trap doors, and cages. Rest assured that our team of experts will be able to handle all of your questions about the ancient Roman Empire, and since this is a semi-private tour, each of our customers will benefit from more time and attention coming from our dedicated guide. While exploring this substructure of the Colosseum, that is also known as the Hypogeum, your guide will explain the purposes of the innovative stage equipment and describe a typical scene in the preparations for a performance. Providing access to two restricted areas of the Colosseum, while only being joined by a handful of other tourists has limited availability and it is very attractive to most of our customers, so book this tour while we still have it!

Walk around the Roman Forum and enjoy the fantastic view from the top of Palatine Hill Just West of the Colosseum is the Roman Forum, which for many centuries was the place where the future of the ancient western civilization was decided. We will also provide you with skip-the-line access to the Roman Forum and you will still be under the careful attention of our expert guide. Although today the Roman Forum stands in ruins, for many reigns it was at the very center of Rome’s activities. It started as a marketplace for daily shopping, but as the power of the Empire grew, it became much more important. In this part of the tour, you will explore the remnants of ancient grandiose temples, bustling marketplaces and imposing civic buildings. We will also show you the place where Rome first began – on Palatine Hill. While the legends say that Romulus founded the city in the mid-Eight-Century B.C., most archaeologists now agree that Rome was inhabited much longer and that it grew out of pastoral villages on the Palatine Hill. Rome’s ancient existence has earned it the name “the Eternal City,” and its time as the ruling city of the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea has earned it the designation, “Capital of the World.” We will end this tour with a pleasant stroll up the Palatine Hill, and once you reach the top you will have stunning views over the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus.