Colosseum Underground With Ancient Rome

24 people

3 hours



Full gladiatorial experience on the Arena Floor Centuries ago, the Roman Empire stretched from modern-day Portugal to Egypt; its capital Rome became known as Roma Aeterna and Caput Mundi, the Eternal City and Capital of the World. Today, it is remembered through relics, ruins, and sculptures that can be found throughout modern Rome. Come join us on this tour that skips all the lines! Our Colosseum Underground Tour with Ancient Rome will provide you with the full gladiatorial experience. The extensive history of this famous structure will be chronicled by your tour guide, an expert in Roman history with an array of anecdotes and stories. One of the restricted areas that this tour provides access to is the Arena Floo, which you will enter through the Colosseum’s back-door. As you stand in the sandals of Ancient Rome’s greatest fighters, you will enjoy panoramic views over the tiered seating of the monument as well as a beautiful view over the underground level. From there, you will follow your guide to the ground floor level, where the Imperial Box was placed, and the second tier of the monument, reserved for the non-senatorial noble class.

Thrilling stories in the Colosseum Dungeons The hub of entertainment for the ancient Roman Empire has dazzled tourists for centuries. However, its underground level is rarely explored. Travel down into the monument’s underground area. In these dark dungeons, the gladiators and animals were kept before the contests began. As you visit the underground chambers, you will see the remains of what were once elevators, trap doors, and cages. Rest assured that our team of experts will be able to handle all of your questions about the ancient Roman Empire. Your guide will explain the purposes of the innovative stage equipment and describe a typical scene in the preparations for a Roman performance. Because of the nature of the areas that we provide access to, such as the Colosseum Underground, this tour has limited availability, so come join us in this exclusive tour!

The greatest way to end the tour? The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill From the Colosseum your guide will take you to the Roman Forum, a place that served as the global headquarters of ancient economic trade. This ancient square included markets dedicated to the sale of cattle, pork, fish, and wine: vital industries in the ancient eras. Important government buildings were surrounding the Roman Forum, and these included the home of the Roman Senate. Your guide will explain how the Roman Forum displays the development of the Empire with various monuments originating in the different eras of Roman civilization. No tour of Ancient Rome would be complete without a journey to Palatine Hill, the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome. According to a widely-known legend, the city of Rome was founded on the Palatine Hill. For centuries this place also served as the residence for several Roman Emperor. What better way to end this history-rich tour other than with a pleasant stroll to this small green heaven?