Guided Tour of the Uffizi Gallery


8 people

3 hours

Mon to Sat


Hassle-free experience with skip-the-line access

The city of Florence is home to the second most visited museum in Italy, right after the immense Vatican Museums. Established in 1581, the Uffizi Gallery is home to a substantial collection of Italian art from the 12th to 16th centuries. Florence is a “bucket list” destination for art enthusiasts, with fascinated visitors from around the world flocking to its major galleries. Therefore, it is unusual to escape all the queues of this highly visited and very prominent museum in Florence. On this tour, you’ll bear witness to the works of master artists in one of the world’s finest and oldest art galleries while skipping all the queues. Touring the Uffizi Gallery is an excellent way to experience one of the world’s most significant collections of Renaissance masterpieces. You will witness these Florentine treasures with priority access and under the guidance of an expert in art history who will lead you on a hassle-free experience. This hour-and-a-half tour is specifically designed so that you enjoy this unique gallery without feeling overwhelmed.

Michelangelo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Titian, Fra Angelico, all in one museum!

The gallery was built to accommodate the substantial art collection of the Medici family and it houses famous works such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, and Caravaggio’s Medusa, as well as other stunning masterpieces. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is perhaps the most famous artwork in the gallery. The painting portrays the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, Venus, arriving on land born from the sea foam. Doni Tondo was the artwork that introduced Michelangelo as a painter. With a round layout typical to the 15th-century Florentine tradition, the painting depicts the Madonna receiving her child over the shoulder. The painting combines a set of light and cold colours, unusual to the preferred colour scheme of the time combining more harmonious and pleasant colours. Caravaggio’s thrilling Medusa on the other hand, is a more visually powerful painting. It represent the head of the Medusa, the gorgon who had hair of living snakes. This is a powerful image of devastating self-recognition in the passing moment between life and death.

An expert in Renaissance and Baroque art to guide your steps

Whether you are visiting for the first time and you are not much of an art connoisseur, or whether you are very familiar with the masterpieces held in the museum, getting a guided tour is important if you want to make the most out of your time in Florence. Your guide will first introduce you to the stories behind the Uffizi gallery and how the gallery was built to accommodate the substantial art collection of the Medici family. Eventually, the gallery was donated to the city of Florence by the last Medici heir Anna Maria Louisa. This guided tour will also offer an intimate view of carefully preserved pieces selected to give you the best insight into one of the oldest museums in Europe. No other gallery offers such incredible examples of Renaissance and Baroque art, and your guide will illuminate the important aspects of each piece for your education. At the end of the tour, you are free to relax on the rooftop terrace and enjoy a picturesque view of the city and continue exploring the museum at your own convenience.

Standard option, be part of a fun group of no more than 12 people

Here at Explore Italy we are carefully crafting tour options for all types of travellers! One of the options of joining this tour is by being part of a group of maximum 12 people. This is designed as an intimate yet fun tour! You will benefit from the expert knowledge of your guide and have all your questions answered while being surrounded by a fun bunch of people. You will be in a tour with other like-minded tourists who are also looking to make the most out of their time in Florence. Another advantage of choosing this small-group tour is the fact that it comes as a budget-friendly option without giving away any of the benefits of having a private guide. Many tour companies add dozens of people in a guided tour, but here at Explore Italy we believe in comfortable and fun experiences. Having only 12 people in a tour is also a great way of avoiding overcrowding and the feedback that we receive is that such small group tours are great social networks!

The premium option, private tour!

We are also offering a premium option, where you decide who joins you! With VIP treatment and an expert tour guide all to yourself, you will avoid crowds of tourists and spend your time with your loved ones witnessing some of the most important works of art in the world. Throughout the tour, you will be guided by experts who will draw your attention to critical details of the art and its creators. This is a great choice for honeymooners, friends, and families who want to make memories together, couples who prefer more privacy, first-time tourers who want to make the most out of their experience, or simply travellers who are looking for more authentic travel experiences. The private option gives you more flexibility of itinerary and starting times. You will benefit from the undivided attention of our expert guide who will answer all your questions and keep you engaged and entertained! On top of that, this is a very time-efficient and coherent way of savouring the art within this very busy gallery, you will not miss any important parts of it, and you will do so in a productive way that will leave you more time to explore Florence!