The Colosseum And Ancient Rome Tour (Private)







The Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour

The relics and ruins of the once-mighty Roman Empire lie scattered across the vast territories it once occupied, but nowhere do we find such impressive remains as in the city of Rome itself. Here, in the heart of Italy, are found the most famous and important of all the many buildings that the Romans constructed. These symbols of a past civilization are a familiar sight to the three million inhabitants of modern Rome, but they are also a startling, awe-inspiring sight to over four million tourists who come to behold them each passing year.

Touring the Colosseum

The Colosseum is easily the most well-known of all Rome’s ancient, architectural marvels. Its massive, towering walls still stand largely intact after 19 centuries, and its symmetrically arranged archways are a constant reminder of the orderly nature of Roman society. Within its elliptical walls, over 65,000 Roman spectators would sit comfortably, watching such events as gladiators battling to the death, reenactments of famous Roman victories, mock sea battles, the dramatic interpretation of ancient myths, the execution of criminals, and the spectacle of persecuted Christians being fed to lions and other wild beasts.

The history that happened here seems to come to life when set your feet on the arena floor where the gladiators once stood or climb to the third tier for a panoramic view of the whole interior. Our knowledgeable tour guides will inform you of the details of how the Romans managed to build the largest amphitheater the world has ever known out of concrete and stone. They will also give you little-known information concerning the manner in which the events of the Colosseum were conducted and how they fit in with the whole of Roman life.

Touring the Roman Forum

Just west of the Colosseum is the Roman Forum, which for many centuries, was at the very center of Rome’s activities. It lies in a narrow valley between the Capitoline and Palatine Hills consists of a rectangular plaza surrounded by various important governmental buildings. This was the “city square” of ancient Rome, and it is filled with numerous landmarks dating from every period of the Roman state. Our tour guides will explain to you the significance of each inscription and monument, and you will get a feel for what it must have been like to walk through the marketplace in ancient Rome.

Constantine’s Arch

Standing tall between the Colosseum and Palatine Hill is the triumphal arch of Constantine I, which was built to commemorate his military victory at the Battle of Milvian Bridge. Though built as late as 315 A.D., it bears intricately carved reliefs from much earlier days that were incorporated into its face and sides when first built. Through this arch ran the Via Triumphalis, along which many a Roman emperor would march after his armies were victorious in combat. As you stand where Roman soldiers once marched in pomp and crowds once gathered to cheer them as they passed on by, you will well be able to imagine how glorious those marches of triumph once were.

Palatine Hill

We will also show you the place where Rome first began- on Palatine Hill. While the legends say that Romulus founded the city in the mid Eight-Century B.C., most archaeologists now agree that Rome was inhabited much longer and that it grew out of pastoral villages on Palatine Hill. Rome’s ancient existence has earned it the name “the Eternal City,” and its time as the ruling city of the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea has earned it the designation, “Capital of the World.”

Our tour guides will show you the best of the ancient city, with a particular focus on the Roman Colosseum. Other possible stops besides those mentioned above might include:
the Pantheon, the Circus Maximus, Trajan’s Column and Market, the underground Catacombs, the Mausoleum of Augustus, the famous Baths of Caracalla, and the Pyramid of Cestius.

After hearing so much out of history books about the glory of ancient Rome, it is an amazing experience to come in contact with its best-preserved and most famous pieces of architecture firsthand. Our Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour combines up-close experience with in-depth tutorial to give you a truly exciting and informative tour.