The Roman Inquisition Tour

8 people

3 hours



Meeting Place and Time

Meeting Place: Trajans Column, Rome.  See Map
Tour Start Time: 4:30PM
Tour End Time: 7:30PM

While many are aware of the infamous acts of the Spanish Inquisition, few are familiar with the similar persecution enacted by agents of the Roman Inquisition. Secret investigations, torture, and executions were all part of the daily activities of Roman inquisitors, and relics of this era remain today in Italy’s capital. Your Roman Inquisition tour will include visits to Hadrian’s tomb, the Campo di Fiori square, and the tomb of Torquemada.

The Experience

 History enthusiasts could spend months in Rome and still crave more time to visit the legendary home of the Roman Empire. One particular point of interest is the Roman Inquisition, a period of persecution that began in the 16th century and lasted for almost 200 years. Suspected of heresy against the Catholic Church, hundreds of Roman citizens were sentenced to torture and execution during these infamous tribunals.

Hadrian’s Tomb

The family of the Roman Emperor Hadrian is buried in the Castel Sant’Angelo, a cylindrical building dating back to the second century. However, this building took on a different purpose during the Roman Inquisition: a prison in which suspects were interrogated, tortured, and executed. The tomb is now a museum with extensive information about the building’s many historical uses.

Prisons of the Roman Inquisition

Your Roman Inquisition tour will include visits to other famous prisons, one of which now serves as the Museum of Criminology. This museum is well-known for its extensive collection of torture instruments, providing an accurate impression of the tools and methods used during the Inquisition. Your tour guide will be on hand to offer answers to any questions you have regarding these brutal practices.

Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Another important part of the Roman Inquisition tour is Santa Maria sopra Minerva, a major Roman Catholic Church dating back to the 14th century. This church is home to several important works of art including a prominent statue by Michelangelo; it is also known as the tomb of Torquemada, one of the most feared leaders of the Spanish Inquisition.

A Premiere Experience

This tour is designed to offer an intimate glimpse into the history of the Roman Inquisition. With VIP access, expert tour guides, and thoughtful planning, your three-hour tour will provide a wealth of information on this important historical period.

Explore Italy Tours guarantees tour groups of no larger than eight people. This tour begins at 4:30PM and lasts for three hours.