Vatican Morning Tour

25 people

3 hours

Mon to Sat


The Vatican City hosts a complex of museums that records the accomplishments of mankind over the last 2,000 years. An expert English-speaking guide will take you on a morning journey to discover the City-State that is home to some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The global center of the Catholic religion attracts millions of fervent religious supporters and interested visitors each year. In a group of no more than 24 people, starting at 10 AM, you will discover the fantastic art, history, and architecture housed within the walls of this beautiful city’s 7 kilometres of galleries, chapels, and rooms. You will start your adventure with the main part of the tour which includes the very best parts of the museums. Then you will move on to the Sistine Chapel and see Michelangelo painted ceiling, a project which changed the course of Western art. After this, you will be left in St. Peters Basilica which is not only a great piece of Renaissance architecture but also the largest church in the world. You will explore this place at your own leisure.

Skip-the-line tickets at one of the world’s busiest museum Given the Vatican’s importance as a religious and historical destination, it comes as no surprise that it is consistently brimming with tourists. The attractions of the Vatican City regularly have long lines for entrance, and papal addresses are heard by thousands of people beneath the window of the Apostolic Palace. In this tour, you will beat the large crowds and long tickets lines, and venture inside the museums without wasting time. Throughout history, wealthy and famous visitors have presented the Popes with some of the most important works of art in Western history. These artworks can now be fined within this labyrinthine complex. The Vatican Museums host multiple sculpture rooms with special galleries dedicated to statues, busts, and masks. Even more impressive is the collection of paintings with works by da Vinci, Bellini, Titian, and a suite of rooms dedicated to the frescoes of Raphael. For those with a more scientific taste, your tour will also take you to the Gallery of Maps where you will discover global maps created by Roman topographers centuries ago. Thoroughly educated in the history of these masterpieces, our guides will lead you directly to the most consequential works and will offer you valuable information along the way.

Appreciate the magic and calm of the Sistine Chapel The Sistine Chapel has drawn admirers from around the world for over five hundred years, ever since the completion of Michelangelo’s great Sistine Chapel ceiling. In this tour, you will also have the occasion to observe and get inspired by one the major artistic accomplishments of human civilization. The magnificent frescoes that make up Michelangelo’s famous ceiling include the Creation of Adam, an iconic depiction of a Biblical scene; only Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa matches its artistic significance. The ceiling is split into 9 panels, each depicting a powerful biblical scene. To be admired in silence, the Sistine Chapel provokes awe amongst its visitors with breath-taking art and architecture in all directions. In order to prepare you for the grandeur of the Chapel’s interior, before entering the Chapel our guides will offer a helpful history of the art inside and provide orientation to better direct your exploration.

The biggest Catholic Church in the world: St Peter’s Basilica Our tour will conclude at St Peter’s Basilica, in the close vicinity of the museums. Consecrated in 1626, the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican stands today as the most important Catholic Church in the history of the world. Its incredible Renaissance architecture matches its position in stature; its team of designers included Carlo Maderno and the great Michelangelo. Pieces such as Michelangelo’s Pietà, a sculpture depicting the lifeless body of Jesus, and Bernini’s baldachin, a large Baroque canopy, would leave anyone speechless. With such magnificent, intricate details, it’s critical to visit St. Peter’s Basilica with a knowledgeable guide. Our team of Vatican tour guides is well versed in the history of the Basilica and will illuminate even the smallest aspects of this monumental religious site.

What to know: While visiting the Vatican, all tourists are asked to abide by the city’s dress code. This implies that everyone needs to have their shoulders and knees covered. We appreciate that the Mediterranean summer temperatures can get quite hot. We recommend having a bottle of water with you at all times and to bring a light scarf to cover yourself when it is required. All visitors must pass through airport-style security and hats, food, and metal tools are not permitted in the Museums. Moreover, St Peter’s Basilica is not only the world’s largest Catholic church, but it is also an active church, which implies that access can be restricted due to liturgical ceremonies. If your tour takes place on a Wednesday, please bear in mind that the church will not be open until 1 PM due to the weekly Papal audience. Rest assured that should that be the case, your guide will show you more of the Renaissance treasures of the Vatican Museums.