VIP Ancient Rome With Colosseum Underground Tour

8 people

3 hours



Meeting Place and Time

Meeting Place: Colosseum Metro Stop, Rome.  See Map
Tour Start Time: 1.00pm
Tour End Time: 4.00pm

Tour Concludes in the Roman Forum


Centuries ago, the Roman Empire stretched from modern-day Portugal to Egypt; its capital, Rome, became known as Roma Aeterna and Caput Mundi, the Eternal City and Capital of the World. Today, it is remembered through relics, ruins, and sculptures that can be found throughout modern Rome.

Our VIP tour of Ancient Rome puts you in close proximity to the Eternal City’s greatest artifacts with the help of a qualified guide. You’ll walk in the footsteps of gladiators in the Colosseum, visit the historic residences of Roman Emperors of the Palatine Hill, and study the development of the Emperor in the famous Roman Forum.

The Colosseum

 During the reign of the Roman Empire, over 65,000 people would pack the Colosseum to see the day’s entertainment. These shows were funded by private individuals and included elaborate recreations of mythological stories, battles between the Empire’s toughest gladiators, and even executions of condemned citizens.

The Colosseum remains the largest amphitheater ever constructed, even as it was built over nineteen centuries ago. Its structure remains largely intact and it lives on as one of the most significant tourist draws in the European Union. The extensive history of this famous structure will be chronicled by your tour guide, an expert in Roman history with an array of anecdotes and stories.

Colosseum Underground Tour

 While the public area of the Colosseum consisted of several levels of extensive seating, few Roman citizens were aware of the complex level that existed underground. The dramatic entrances of gladiators, victims, and beasts were coordinated in the intricate holding areas beneath the Colosseum. Elevators, trap doors, and advanced stage equipment could all be found in this underground area, centuries before the same advances could be seen in Western stage theater.

Our exclusive VIP Access tour will take you underground to explore the secrets of the Colosseum. Your guide will explain the purposes of the innovative stage equipment and describe a typical scene in the preparations for a Roman performance.

Ancient Rome Guided Tour

 Long before the New York Stock Exchange, the Roman Forum served as the global headquarters of economic trade. This ancient square included markets dedicated to the sale of cattle, pork, fish, and wine: vital industries in the ancient eras. Surrounding the Roman Forum were important government buildings including the home of the Roman Senate. Your guide will explain how the Roman Forum displays the development of the Empire with various monuments originating in the different eras of Roman civilization.

No tour of Ancient Rome would be complete without a journey to Palatine Hill, the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome. According to legend, the city of Rome was founded on Palatine Hill, and it served as the residence for several Roman Emperors.

A Premiere Colosseum Experience

This tour offers a VIP opportunity to explore the ancient secrets hidden beneath the Colosseum. Your small group will be lead by one of our qualified tour guides; our team of experts will be able to handle all of your questions about the ancient Roman Empire.