Vip Vatican Early Morning Private Tour

private tour

3 hours



VIP experience, pick up, and privileged entrance 90 minutes before the general public To say the collections within the Vatican Museums are impressive would be an understatement. They can satisfy all artistic tastes and it is therefore not surprising that they would be visited by thousands of tourists on a daily basis. Large queues outside and crowds inside can form very easily. When it comes to the heavily visited Vatican City, that hosts more artwork on square kilometre than any other place in the world, many tourists think twice about the best time to visit its famous Museums. The most exclusive Vatican Museums tour is the one that avoids all crowds and queues and will make you feel like you have the place all to yourself! You will benefit from access to the Museums no less than 90 minutes before the general public. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we also provide pick up from your hotel so that you do not waste any precious time and so that the experience is as comfortable and hassle-free as it can get. This tour is designed for a minimum of 2 people, you can bring your other half, your family, your friends or even your school teacher on this tour, you choose who joins you! After your complimentary pick up you will benefit from privileged entrance and access directly the metal detector control. This is the most exclusive and rapid entrance into the Museums! When it comes to attractions of this scale, it is definitely worth paying for a premium experience.

The nearly empty Vatican Museums explored with your own private guide With this private VIP tour, you and your loved ones will wander through an infinite number of masterpieces without being stressed by the fuss and bustle caused by the crowds of normal visiting hours. Being able to walk through these magnificently decorated halls without the noise and agitation of hundreds of curious tourists would be a highly pleasant experience. This special time-slot that we provide will allow you to experience the museums at your own pace with as much privacy as you can get. One of the biggest benefits of this tour is the fact that you will have a private guide all to yourself, which means that you can choose parts of your itinerary and you will benefit from undivided attention. You will be under the careful guidance of an expert and friendly guide who will be able to walk you through the highlights of these 7 kilometres of art which include masterpieces from different times and civilizations. The Vatican Museums are so complex and labyrinthine that their exploration without a guide would be more of a waste of time, trying to make your way around it. But with one of the guides of the Explore Italy team, you will have no stress. You will visit impressive collections such as the Candelabra Gallery, hosting fabulous statues, busts, and masks, the Gallery of Tapestries exhibiting Raffaello Sanzio’s famous tapestries depicting biblical legends and myths, and the Gallery of Maps, filled with maps created centuries ago.

The fabulous Sistine Chapel experienced in absolute calm and peace The highlight of this tour would be the fabulously painted Sistine Chapel. The impact that the Sistine Chapel frescoes had on history, politics, and visual arts has had no equal to this date. You will spend about 15-20 minutes admiring the magnificent frescoes of Michelangelo in complete silence and peace. You will only have a dozen people around you, instead of a couple hundred which happens at midday. This will allow you more flexibility to move around and observe the most intricate details of the Chapel. The ceiling of the chapel is Michelangelo’s masterpiece. The ceiling is divided into panels depicting symbolic biblical scenes from the Old Testament. Michelangelo’s most famous painting is “The Creation of Adam”. This panel provokes awe amongst most of its visitors. In order to fully witness the genius of Michelangelo, the Chapel has to be admired in silence. Your guide, who will be very well versed in the story of these frescoes, will give you a description before entering the chapel. This is essential because the variety of frescoes and the brightness of their colours would make it difficult to know where to start looking first. Your guide will also tell you how Michelangelo returned to the Sistine Chapel to paint the altar wall. The painting known as “The Last Judgement” is a powerful vision of the end of times. Once out of the chapel, you would have developed a deep appreciation of Michelangelo’s fantastic genius.

Skip the line at St. Peter’s Basilica and enjoy St Peter’s Square at your own pace After visiting the Sistine Chapel, you will proceed to the mother church of the Catholic faith: St Peter’s Basilica. You will be accompanied by your guide and enter the Basilica through a special door without wasting any time in the line. Once you step inside this Holy Ground you will witness more than 2,000 years of art and history. Your guide will give you a summary of its history and establishment while also describing its fantastic décor and some of its most incredible art. This place is very important for all Christianity, but equally important is the fact that you do not have to be a believer to find the church a remarkable experience. Visiting this place would be a great education of Renaissance and Baroque art. One renaissance treasure that you can find in the basilica is Michelangelo’s famous “Pietà”. This is often regarded as one of the most incredibly emotional artworks ever created out of marble. This magnificent sculpture portrays Mary holding the lifeless body of her son Jesus. On top of the Renaissance treasures that can be found here, this church is also a prime example of baroque architecture and décor. Bernini’s jaw-dropping “Baldacchino”, a large bronze canopy that sits above St. Peter’s tomb can also be found here. After the tour, you can explore Piazza San Pietro where you can enjoy Bernini’s colonnade, as well as the spectacular façade of the church, a great end to an insightful and hassle-free experience.

What to know: While visiting the Vatican, all tourists are asked to abide by the city’s dress code. This implies that everyone needs to have their shoulders and knees covered. We appreciate that the Mediterranean summer temperatures can get quite hot. We recommend having a bottle of water with you at all times and to bring a light scarf to cover yourself when it is required. All visitors must pass through airport-style security and hats, food, and metal tools are not permitted in the Museums. Moreover, St Peter’s Basilica is not only the world’s largest Catholic church, but it is also an active church, which implies that access can be restricted due to liturgical ceremonies. If your tour takes place on a Wednesday, please bear in mind that the church will not be open until 1 PM due to the weekly Papal audience. Rest assured that should that be the case, your guide will show you more of the Renaissance treasures of the Vatican Museums.