Vip Vatican Early Morning Small Group Tour


12 people


3 hours




Vatican early entrance experience, 90 minutes before the general public In this tour, you will discover the secrets of the largest and busiest complex of museums in the world, including the fantastic Sistine Chapel with no crowds. You will start this tour 90 minutes before the gates open for the general access public. They say that the early bird catches the worm, and when it comes to visiting such complex and labyrinthine museums it is definitely true that the earlier you get there, the more you will see. Early risers get the occasion of experiencing the Vatican at their own pace and they will maximise the time that will have to enjoy their holiday! By booking this tour that starts at 7:30 AM you will visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the mother church of Catholic faith with extremely few people around you. You will have the time and privacy to see everything you want in the Museums, and even more! Throughout the tour, you will be in the company of a knowledgeable guide, who speaks great English, and that has a funny and entertaining style. This tour is designed for no more than 12 people so that the experience gets more private, yet still fun and that every individual gets enough dedication from the guide that is assigned to their tour. This is a special tour that will minimise the hassle and maximise enjoyment.

Vatican Museums with zero crowds and at your own pace Needless to say that the experience at the museums will be greatly enhanced by the special time slot that we are offering. Equally important is the fact that you will be under the guidance of an expert and friendly guide who knows the Vatican like the back of their hand. The Vatican Museums host more than 7 kilometres of art, and it can be very difficult to manage to see the highlights on your own, not mentioning getting lost, which is a real possibility! But with one of the guides of the Explore Italy team, you will have zero stress, as they have prepared a special itinerary for you! You will follow your guide to places such as the Candelabra Gallery, a splendid gallery subdivided into 6 fabulously designed rooms containing artworks found throughout the country, from the time of the Roman Empire to modern-day. Rooms such as the Gallery of the Tapestries or the Gallery of Maps will also be on the list. The Gallery of Tapestries exhibits a vast array of Raffaello Sanzio’s work. In that room, protected by sunlight, you can find tapestries displaying different Catholic stories and myths. The Gallery of Maps, on the other hand, is for the tourists with a more scientific taste, who want to discover global maps created by Roman topographers centuries ago. More than five centuries of modern history can be found in these Museums that became a lighthouse of culture and art in the world sea, so come join us and make the most out of it!

Absolute silence at the Sistine Chapel In case you are wondering which one is the most famous work inside the Vatican Museums, we can easily say that for many it is undoubtedly the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo. With this early morning semi-private tour, you will enter the Sistine Chapel with very few people around you. It is definitely worth having a good amount of time to enjoy the beauty of the art within the chapel. The experience will be much better when having only a dozen people around you, instead of a couple hundred which happens at midday. You will get more time and space to admire the Chapel full of marvellous frescoes illustrating stories from the Bible. Michelangelo’s most famous painting, the undefinable “Creation of Adam”, provokes awe amongst most of its visitors. You and your group will get a lot of time to get yourself indulged in the Chapel’s magnificent beauty. Because of the beauty of the Chapel, so that everyone can appreciate Michelangelo’s unique genius in peace, it is not permitted to speak or take photographs. This is precisely why, a tour guide is highly needed. Your assigned guide will give you a description of what you are about to experience before entering the chapel. This is essential also because of the variety of the frescoes inside the chapel, more so as they are vividly coloured and some tourists would find it difficult to know where to start looking first. Likewise, once the group is out of the chapel, your guide will handle all your questions.

Skip the line access to St. Peter’s Basilica We will end this morning tour with religious art and Renaissance architecture at St. Peter’s Basilica. You will enter the Basilica without the long lines using an exclusive skip the line entry. This place is considered the mother Church of the Catholic Faith, and the religious art inside not only provokes admiration among its tourists, but it also contributes to making this church one of the holiest sites in Christendom. The Papal Basilica of Saint Peter is not only Christianity’s most famous religious landmark, but it is also a great destination for any art lover. Visiting this place can be a very warm and insightful experience for people of all faiths and beliefs! The Basilica is filled with the artworks of some of the most admired artists in human history. Masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Pietà, an incredibly moving sculpture depicting Mary holding in her arms the lifeless body of her son Jesus, and Bernini’s baldachin, an astonishing large Baroque canopy that sits above the place of burial of St. Peter, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus can be found within the Basilica. St Peter’s Church is a place where you will go through 2,000 years of history and art. After our Early Morning Tour, you will be able to explore this place at your own pace and then proceed to one of the most recognizable plazas in the world, St Peter’s square, and fully appreciate the architecture of the Vatican.

What to know: While visiting the Vatican, all tourists are asked to abide by the city’s dress code. This implies that everyone needs to have their shoulders and knees covered. We appreciate that the Mediterranean summer temperatures can get quite hot. We recommend having a bottle of water with you at all times and to bring a light scarf to cover yourself when it is required. All visitors must pass through airport-style security and hats, food, and metal tools are not permitted in the Museums. Moreover, St Peter’s Basilica is not only the world’s largest Catholic church, but it is also an active church, which implies that access can be restricted due to liturgical ceremonies. If your tour takes place on a Wednesday, please bear in mind that the church will not be open until 1 PM due to the weekly Papal audience. Rest assured that should that be the case, your guide will show you more of the Renaissance treasures of the Vatican Museums.